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Founded: 2010
IATA code: IG
Destinations: 40
Alliances: None
Fleet: 28 aircraft
Mc Donnel Douglas MD82, Airbus A320, Boeing 767, Boeing 737
Loyalty programs: Hi-Fly

Meridiana History

Meridiana fly is an Italian airline that offers a range of flights to and from a variety of destinations in Italy and worldwide.
It was founded in 1963 as ALISARDA, a private company, with the objective to promote tourism in Sardinia.
On May 1991, its name was changed into Meridiana and at the end of February 2010, a new Company was founded, Meridiana fly, which was the result of the merger of Eurofly and Meridiana. On July 2011, Meridiana fly also announced the merger with Air Italy.
Today, the two companies offer a large network, focusing on domestic routes and medium/short distance flights, connecting Sardinia, Sicily and Naples to the main Italian airports, as well as to many holiday destinations in the Mediterranean or Egypt, such as the Canary Islands, Greece and the Red Sea.

Meridiana Hub Airports

Olbia - Costa Smeralda Airport
Secondary hubs:
Elmas Airport, Cagliari
Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Rome

Stats and numbers

Meridiana fly is currently the only Italian carrier listed in the Milan Stock Exchange.

Important Milestones

Meridiana fly is the 2nd largest Italian airline operating domestic, European and intercontinental flights.
In 2005, Meridiana set a new record by carrying over 4 million passengers.

Meridiana Airports

1. Alghero - ITALY
2. Bari - ITALY
3. Bologna - ITALY
4. Cagliari - ITALY
5. Catania - ITALY
6. Chisinau - Moldova
7. Dakar - Senegal
8. Florence - ITALY
9. Fortaleza - BRAZIL
10. F.Ventura - Spain
11. Havana - CUBA
12. Holguin - CUBA
13. La Romana - Dominican Rep.
14. Lampedusa -ITALY
15. London - England
16. Maceio' - BRAZIL
17. Madrid - Spain
18. Maldives - Maldives
19. Mauritius - Mauritius
20. Milan - ITALY
21. Mombasa - Kenia
22. Moscow - Russia
23. Mykonos - Greece
24. Naples - ITALY
25. Natal - BRAZIL
26. New York - U.S.A.
27. Nice - France
28. Nosy Be - Madagascar
29. Olbia - ITALY
30. Palermo - ITALY
31. Paris - France
32. Rome - ITALY
33. Santorini - Greece
34. Sharm el sheikh - Egypt
35. Tel Aviv - Israel
36. Tenerife - Spain
37. Turin - ITALY
38. Venice - ITALY
39. Verona - ITALY
40. Zanzibar - Tanzania

Meridiana Classes

Economy Class is the single class available for all Meridiana fly domestic flights.
Tourist Class is available for medium-range flights, flights for Egypt and Israel and international and intercontinental flights.
Privilege Class is only available for some international and all intercontinental flights.

Meridiana Lounges

Meridiana fly operates one VIP lounge at Olbia Airport in Italy, but FlyPass members traveling with Meridiana fly, can also access the exclusive and comfortable VIP Lounges at:
1. Bari in Italy
2. Bologna in Italy
3. Cagliari in Italy
4. Catania in Italy
5. Florence in Italy
6. Milan Linate in Italy
7. Milan Malpensa in Italy
8. Naples in Italy
9. Palermo in Italy
10. Rome Fiumicino
11. Torino in Italy
12. Verona in Italy
13. Venice in Italy
14. Dakar in Senegal
15. London in UK
16. Male’ in Maldives
17. Mauritius in Mauritius
18. Mombasa in Kenya
19. New York JFK in USA

In-Flight Entertainment

Meridiana fly wishes to satisfy the needs of its passengers with quality service and ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay on board.
See below the in-flight services provided in Meridiana fly flights, depending on class and flight duration:
• On all flights, the on-board magazine “Atmosphere” is available for all passengers.
• An entertainment video programming with a selection of movies and even videogames (for long haul flights) is also available.
• Especially for Meridiana fly Boeing 767 interiors offer 12 Privilege Class seats equipped with personal iPads, which include a wide range of movies, games and music channels.
• Passengers in Economy Class during domestic flights can choose among a selection of hot and cold beverages, while in medium-range flights and flights for Egypt and Israel Meridiana fly offers hot meals, snacks and/or breakfast.
• For flights to the USA, passengers in both classes are served lunch or dinner as well as breakfast or snacks.

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